Vacancy : PT Hasnur Riung Sinergi

 PT Hasnur Riung Sinergi (HRS) is a coal mining company that is currently developing in Kalimantan and is one of the subsidiaries of the Hasnur Group, a holding company founded in 1966 by a businessman named Mr.abdussamad Sulaiman Haji Basirun.

1. Maintenance Section Head (code PLMSH)

2.Maintenance Group Leader (code PLMGL)

3.Plant Instructor (PLIN code)

4.Plant Technical Development (code PLTD)

 General qualifications

1. Age max.  35 years old

2.Education min.  D3 Engineering / Experience in the same position min.  2 years

3.Understand the concept of heavy equipment maintenance management

4.Understand and be able to carry out maintenance of production machines & heavy equipment

5.Preferably those who have worked in Coal Mining

6.Ready to be placed in all mining operations locations

For those of you who are interested, please send your application to: /

 Subject: Full code name

 At the latest: June 30, 2021

##Tips For Employee##
Who doesn't want to get a quick interview call, especially since hundreds of job application letters have been sent.  This is actually an easy job.  Why so?  Because in fact when making a CV (CurriculumVitae) or simply a curriculum vitae it is like you are making a product to sell.  The CV that you make must be something unique, creative and interesting. The information packaging so that it is quickly written down by the Recruiter or HRD.

In the process of applying for a job, a CV is very important, through this Curriculum Vitae or CV you can provide personal information, and briefly explain to HRDs or recruiters who you are, what your educational background is important things you need to pay attention to in making a CV: First, Personal Info such as Name, Domicile Address, Phone Number, Email, Age, Height (if any).  Second Description, briefly describe Who are you?  What have you achieved ?.  Third Experience, even though it is only limited to an internship, you can list it.  The four positions, company name, month & year began to join.  and Fifth Education, Name of University / School, Month / Year of Education & Graduation, Department taken, GPA / UN Value.  And don't forgets List what skills you have.