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HALLIBURTON rounded in 1919 Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the energy industry With approximately 50,000 employees, representing 140 nationalities, and operations

approximate 70 countries, the company serves the upstream oil and gas Industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction, completion and production optimzation

Halliburton comprises 14 product service lines (PSLs The PSLs operate In two divisions. Oniling and Evaluation, and Completion and Production. Our Consulting and Proyect Management PSL works across both divisions and is the spearhead ol ur integrated-services strategy Its financial results are included in the Drilling and Evaluation Division PSLs are primarily responsible and accountable for strategy, technology development, process development, people development and capital akiocation.

At Halliburton, your career can go places you never thought possible

Our people are essential to our ability to innovate, achieve grow and lead. We attraci and retain the best talent by Investing in our employees and empowering them to develop themselves and their careers We invest in our employees through leadership and competency development, competitive compensation plans, health benefits, work life programs, and reward and incentive plans

Competenctes provide the foundation for owtstanding execution and service guality We know we have the right people to develop the right technologies and bring innovative solutionstothe industry and we value those people as an unmatched competitive advantage We promote and encourage competency development as both a career tool and a professional essential We are the only full spectrum energy services company with full competency accreditation for positions in all of our Product service lines and support functions worldwide We also offer a variety of specialized development opportunittes for employees with leadershup potential

Entry Level Field Engineer Logging and Perforation

- Balikpapan

Job Description

- Under direct supervision, assists in the preparation and erecution of Open Hole logging services on customers location in accoidance with HMS.

- Trus is the entry level position for this discapline and wil train directly under the supervision of an appropnate frontline leader ora competent Field Professional assigned by the frontiine leader to gain knowledge of Operations.

- Assists in checking eguipment prior to and after logging Operations.

- Gains familiarity with Surface System and Open Hole toois through fiela work under mentorshup

- Promotes and ensures compliance with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Service Guality (S0) standard, practices and gudelines.


- Completion of an undergraduate degree in Engineering, Scsence or other techntcal discipline 1s preferred or egumalent combination of education and experience suficent to successfully perform ihe essential functtons of the job.

Senior Field Engineer Logging and Perforation

- Jakarta

Job Description

- Under general supervision, applies knowledge of Halliburtons Open Hole Wireline techinologres to independentiy pronde a comprehensive set of basic and complex serces and tool operation 10 customers at the well site

- Applies engineering, mechanical and geological principles to aruculate more complex data interpretations to clients from Proprietary software and coaches cdients through more routine drilling scenarios independentiy.

- Continues to leam how to interpret data outcomes with more complerity through mentorsIup frorn wireline held leadership. Integrates understanding of the wireline business, operational Procedures and to a lesser degree the collaboration of other service lines into gurdance provided to customers.

- Provides guidance to jumor wireline field professionals on delivering less complex services and tool Operations to customers.


- Gompletion af an undergraduate degree in Engineering, Scrence or other technical discipline is preferred or eguwalent combmation of education and expenence suffiesent to sucoessfully perform the essensial functions of the job

- Minimum of 2 5 years of expenence in Open Hole Wireline field Operations regured

Associate Field Professional MWD (Agency)


Job Description

-Under strict supervision, provides omsite supervison of the Measurement While-Driling (MWD) process, meluding tool Preparations, data acgussition, log generation and Ouality Control (OC) and delivery of the services to the customer

- Responsibilittes are to lea the job role for the LWD service line

- Serves asa thnd man in a sub-ordinate role

- Provides techmcal and operational expertise to extemal customer

- Performs assignments reguwing knowledge and application of basic engineering and measurement while driling pancrples.

- Mamtains eguipment inventory and supernses movement to and from well site

- Check eguipment and advises repair regunrements,

- Maintains computer database for on-gomg jobs, prepares job ticket, daily reporting and end-ot-well reports.


- SKIII aegulred through completion of the basic MLWD training program

- Undergraduate degree In a STEM disciple is reguned,

- Must have successfully passed company tests, or met task gundeline tegulremente.

- Ability to demonstrate technical aptitude to reguired standards.

- Must possess good communcation, arithmetic, data entiy and recording skils.

- Regues ability to read and interpret formation weM logs and Interpret directional survey information and other well site data.

- Must possess relevant on and offshore safety certificates.

- This is the entry level position for the LWD job family.

- This is a field position,

Account Leader

- Jakarta

Job Description

- Under broad direction, optimzes account potential by directing activity of the account team.

- Maximizes and sustaine proitability of the client and market penetration share by matching Ihe total array of ihe company technical, commerccal and operational capobilies to the clients needs,

- Develops working relationships with client's management

- Identifies and acoesses resources reguwed to serve clients domestic and Internattonal current and future needs.

Is an integral member of the BO teom.

- The Account Leader will work closety with District Country Area Sales Manager and Account Manager un developing a comprehensve busineas and or Account Plan.


-Skills typically segutred through completion of an undergraduate degree in Business Adminestration, Marketing, Engineering, or similar disciplines and 6-12 years of related sales expenence

- Revenue scope typically in the range of $20 100 M

Should you are Interested with these posittons and meet the gualifications regulred please apply to following links,

Halburton is an Egual Opportunity Employer Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religron, disabiity, genetic information, pregnancy, citizenshup, marital status, sex gender, sexual preference orientation, gender identity, age, veteran status, national ongIn, or any other status protected by law or cegulation,

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Siapa yang tidak ingin mendapat panggilan wawancara singkat, apalagi ratusan surat lamaran kerja sudah terkirhttps://jobs.halliburton.com/job/Jakarta-Sr-Field-Engineer-Logging-and-Perf-JK-12560/794534800/im. Ini sebenarnya pekerjaan yang mudah. Kenapa begitu? Karena sebenarnya membuat CV (CurriculumVitae) atau sekedar curriculum vitae itu seperti membuat produk untuk dijual. CV yang Anda buat haruslah sesuatu yang unik, kreatif dan menarik. Pengemasan informasi agar cepat ditulis oleh Recruiter atau HRD.

Dalam proses melamar pekerjaan CV sangatlah penting, melalui Curriculum Vitae atau CV ini anda dapat memberikan informasi pribadi, dan menjelaskan secara singkat kepada HRD atau perekrut siapa anda, apa latar belakang pendidikan anda merupakan hal penting yang perlu anda perhatikan Untuk dalam pembuatan CV: Pertama, Info Pribadi seperti Nama, Alamat Domisili, Nomor Telpon, Email, Umur, Tinggi (jika ada). Deskripsi Kedua, jelaskan secara singkat Siapa Anda? Apa yang telah Anda capai?. Pengalaman Ketiga, meskipun hanya sebatas magang, Anda bisa mencantumkannya. Empat posisi, nama perusahaan, bulan & tahun mulai bergabung. dan Pendidikan Kelima, Nama Universitas/Sekolah, Bulan/Tahun Pendidikan & Wisuda, Jurusan yang diambil, IPK/Nilai UN. Dan jangan lupa Cantumkan keterampilan apa yang Anda milik

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